Know The Difference Between And WordPress.Org

WordPress is one of the most popular websites for purchasing and hosting a website and there are two parts of it, and People often confuse them both and might end up choosing the wrong one for them in the long run. Thus knowing the difference between them is crucial for your success.

Checkout The Difference Between And WordPress.Org vs. WordPress.ORG- what's the difference__

Key Difference

The Main Difference between them that when you have a .org account then you have full access to everything from hosting to setting up everything.  It’s a content management system which is basically an open source. You need to install it first before using it. That’s the main difference between them. It has lots of flexibility and thus it shall be recommended for experienced users and people who are confident with their skills. On the other hand, .com is for people who just want a website already built and not from scratch and it is hosted by It’s as easy as just signup and then you can be working with it.For grabing exciting Bluehost Coupon code 2019, land on to WPTalks (homepage).

Price Difference is actually free to use for personal reasons but if you plan to do something more and in the line of commercial, then there are some disadvantages to it. Your website shall be under a subdomain and WordPress advertisements shall always be there. You have a limited space of 3GB and cannot monetize it with other platforms. You cannot install any helpful plugins for you. The total cost of a custom domain and access for commercial use comes up to $111 per year to keep it live on But shall give you a fully functional website for $35 for the first year and then $50 for the following years. But you need to pick a web host yourself and thus you have tons of options to choose from.

When To Use What

When you just want to build up a website and get started with it and not delve deeper with it in the technicalities, then is the right one for you. You do get a limited Storage space and cannot install the plugin. Thus if you want to start a website or a blog, then this is perfect for you but if you want to monetize and want to go more than basic then is what you should be looking for. There might be a bit of a learning curve but in the end, it shall be worth it as you will get your own website domain with no worries of changing domain names. You can install as many plugins as you want to and themes too. The customization possibilities are endless and you can monetize your website too according to your own wish with no WordPress advertisements or overlays and thus if you have a Commercial long term goal then this one is recommended as the other option shall hamper you a lot but this one shall give you more options and flexibility for your goals.

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